Labels for McCurdy Mission School


For 94 years McCurdy School in northern New Mexico has been a United Methodist mission school for Native American children. Our local unit of United Methodist Women, along with UMW’s across the country, has participated in the Campbell’s Labels for Education Program. We have clipped, saved and sent in Campbell food labels for 20 years, and as a result of our efforts over those years McCurdy School has acquired 14 vans, computers, PE and playground equipment, classroom supplies, VCR’s and other needed items.

To help, collect the bar codes (UPC codes) from:

  • Campbell’s condensed soups
  • Chunky Soups
  • Soup At Hand
  • Supper Bakes
  • Select Soups
  • Soups to Go
  • Goldfish Crackers,
  • Campbell’s beans
  • Spaghetti O’s
  • Campbell’s gravies
  • tomato juices
  • Healthy Request Soups
  • Franco American products
  • Swanson broths or canned chicken,
  • Pepperidge Farm products,
  • lids from Prego Pasta sauces and V8 products (including Splash drinks).

For a complete listing of eligible products visit the school’ website:

There is a large canister on the counter in the Fireside Room where you can place your labels and lids.  Please help us support this Christian mission school by saving and sending these labels and lids!