It May Be “Just a Drop in the Bucket” but . . .

There is a saying, “Oh, that’s just a drop in the bucket”, which usually refers to the fact that the need is great and we only have a little bit to give.

Well, the reality is in the United Methodist Church, a “drop in the bucket” can grow!  We are a connectional church, which means that whenever someone adds to the drop in the bucket, the bucket becomes fuller.

We at UMC Merced hope this will be true in the case of a special offering we will receive in Worship on Sundays, June 2 and 9.  In great faith, we plan to have a bucket available where you can place your spare change; added together our spare change won’t be “just a drop in the bucket” any longer … we trust that our bucket will overflow!  But what’s the bucket for?

As a church connecting with people around the world, we are aware of so many needs.  For many years, we have focused our attention on helping to eradicate Malaria.  We began with a slogan, “Nothing But Nets”; for a $10 donation, you could ‘purchase’ a mosquito net which would help prevent those sleeping in Malaria prone countries from being bothered by mosquitos in the first place.

Now we are stepping up our efforts to “Imagine No Malaria”, responding to those who are struggling and dying from the disease and any illness in general.  At our Annual Conference in Sacramento this June, we will focus on responding to Malaria in a specific way; we are raising funds to help re-open and sustain a medical clinic in Angola, after their bitter Civil War.  Our goal is to raise $50,000 as an Annual Conference.

This may sound like an insurmountable amount of money to raise, and you may think that our contribution would be “just a drop in the bucket”.  But imagine what a difference each congregation could make if each congregation brought a bucket full of hope for those who are in need!  That goal could be obtained!  Won’t you join in to make this happen?

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